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About us:

ASC engineering is an established engineering firm created by post graduate doctoral engineers specializing in the fields of applied mechanics, mechatronics, and biomechatronics. The close cooperation between its members has enabled ASC to approach engineering problems using multiple disciplines to achieve advanced and unique solutions that specifically fulfill the requirements of our clients.

At its core, ASC is an engineering firm. Our staff has valuable experience in engineering problems with many reputable current research
publications in the mechanical, mechatronic, and biomechatronic fields. The span of ASC’s work deals with every aspect  in specialized engineering problems:

  • Problem Analysis and Evaluation

  • Computer Modeling (CAD systems)

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Measurements, Simulations, and Computer Visualization

  • Problem Optimization (from measurements and/or simulations)

  • Prototyping (from concept to testing)

  • Manufacture of tailored electromechanical systems and/or products (measurement, monitoring     and/or control, specialized equipment, etc…).

  • Modification of existing mechanical systems (electronic supplementation and advancement)

  • Design verification

  • Consulting of technical engineering problems (technical translations)

ASC’s multidisciplinary approach allows its clients to obtain more information about their problem from
multiple perspectives, resulting in a more progressive, practical, and economical solutions which exceed the clients requirements.

the ASC staff

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