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Finite Element Solutions

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a necessary part of the design process in modern engineering. FEA has become a popular method for analyzing increasingly complex engineering problems. its principle divides complex structures into a finite number of elements linked together in a single domain to obtain a more accurate solution of the system in a variety of loading conditions. ASC offers complete FEA solutions for engineering design of structural and mechanical systems. its staff has extensive experience in simulating a wide range of engineering problems. Whether for research and development or optimization of new designs, or verification of existing structures, our FEA service provides excellent insight into your engineering problem.

  • Static, transient, frequency, impact, buckling, and spectrum analysis

  • improved product design

  • higher development productivity reduced prototyping time

  • simulate behavior of design before manufacture

  • simulate behavior of design in different environments

  • reduced prototyping time

  • simulate extreme conditions (limits) of design

  • simulate operating conditions/environment of design

analyze existing structures (problem identification, prediction)

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