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Rigid Body Dynamics


Rigid Body Dynamics

All objects on earth are governed by the laws of motion that Sir Isaac Newton derived in the 1800s. Applying these laws to a body in space obtains an accurate estimate of its behavior when acted on by an external force. ASC provides Kinematic and Dynamic Simulations of your system to determine a wide range of physical quantities such as position, velocity, acceleration, force, impact, momentum, inertia, etc… These simulations can even be coupled with FEA to determine stresses in your mechanical system, the results of which can be used to optimize your design, determine appropriate drive systems, or predict any future trouble areas in your system.

  • Kinematic simulations (position, velocity, acceleration)

  • Dynamic simulations (Force, impact, inertia)

  • Transient FEA of the dynamic simulation (FEA)

  • Determine correct drive requirements (motors size/power, hydraulic force/pressure/flow, actuators, etc…)
  • Mechanism verification
  • Range of motion and function verification of mechanism
  • Static quantification (weight, area, volume, etc…)

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