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Mesurement and Diagnostics


Mesurement and Diagnostics

ASC also provides measurement services for the quantitative diagnostics of existing mechanical, structural, and electromechanical systems. From kinematic to dynamic experiments, ASC can find the physical parameters which directly or indirectly describe your engineering system, providing clients with valuable insight into the nature of their engineering problem.

Our company can then perform simulations (FEA and RBD) based on the measurements to verify machine function and simulate critical operating conditions. Regardless, ASC can provide suggestions or even perform modifications to the clients systems according to these measurements to improve the performance and/or fulfil the requirements of your engineering problem.

  • Kinematic measurements (position, velocity, acceleration)

  • Dynamic measurements (force, pressure, energy)

  • Vibration diagnostics (FFT, and noise measures)

  • Biomechanical parameters (gait, electromyography, optical motion capture, posture)

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