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Measurement Technology


Measurement Devices

Accurate desciption of your mechanical system often requires measurments to verify your theoretical results. In existing systems, measurments can diagnose and identify problems that effect performance and can even be harmful to your system. Accurately quantifying your mechanical system requires robust knowledge in measurment methods and ASC's engineers have a rich scientific background in the fields of research and development (publications). in order to accurately obtain the physical parameters that describe your system, the correct use of sensors is imperitive to provide an acceptable degree of sensitivity while reducing unwanted noise. A
SC engineering commonly utilizes  technology leading measuring equipment from industry leaders such as Analog devices and National Instruments. These systems inherit high accuracy, repeatability and reliability during measurements while being very compact and energy efficient.

Offering a range of measurement devices that are easy to implement into measurement systems, ASC is not only able to provide sensors themselves, but complete measuring solutions specific to customer requirements. This includes the optimal selection of sensors and their implementation into the electrical circuit to the acquisition (DAQ) and visualization of the measured data, including monitoring and control of the measurement process.

Our Sensor Technology

ASC engineering is focused on providing customers with accurate, robust, and reliable measurement solutions. As with most measuring systems, the sensors used are a vital component to fulfilling the above mentioned requirements. ASC’s sensor technology and measurement solutions are versatile and unique in their modular design.

- Kinematic measurement solution (incremental position sensors, optical measurements, accelerometer)
- Dynamic measurements (strain gauges, force transducers, pressure sensors)
- Vibration diagnostics (accelerometry, modal hammer, microphone)
- Biomechanical parameters (Inertial sensors, forceplate, electromyography, optical motion capture)

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